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LOL! 12 Ways to Get a Good Laugh

Aug 8, 2014 6:00:00 PM / by Linda B James


"LIghten up the load in your life
with laughter" - LBJ

If you feel like your life is a pressure cooker, then it's time to "explode with laughter."

To lighten the mood, this blog is about the best medicine to soothe your soul… LOL!

Who doesn't need a daily dose of laughter?  Studies show that children laugh about 400 times a day and adults laugh approximately 15 times a day.  That's a big difference!

Why is Laughing important?

Research indicates that your response to stress is contingent upon how you view life’s unexpected surprises.  Keeping a neutral and lighthearted outlook will take the edge off of a difficult situation.

You make sure you get enough food and sleep.  What about laughter?  Don't overlook this natural anti-stress reliever.  It's convenient, free and always accessible!

Is a Fake Laugh Good For You?

A fake laugh is better than no laughter at all.  You won't fool others, but you will fool your body.  Interesting but true.

Research indicates that you can get the same benefits from a fake laugh that you get from an authentic one.  Your body cannot distinguish between the real and unreal. The physical benefits of laughing are identical.

I truly believe this is the best medicine for a bad mood and a long healthy life. Committ to having a few daily hoots!

Ways to exercise your “funny bone”:

  1. Laugh at yourself. Take yourself less seriously and talk about missteps and embarrassing moments.
  2. Keep a funny or joke book nearby.
  3. Enjoy comedic breaks.  Listen to comedians on your work break and lunch hour.
  4. Look for the lighter side of life’s frustrations.  It will take the edge off a difficult situation.
  5. Find hilarity in paradoxes, ironies, oxymorons, quagmires and the ridiculous.
  6. Look back and laugh.  Think about laughable moments in your past.
  7. Laugh with friends and family.  Call up a friend who cracks you up.
  8. Watch funny movies regularly.  Start a priceless collection of your favorite comedies.
  9. Mentally relive hysterical situations with children.  Kids innocently say and do very funny things.
  10. Before and after a stressful situation find something amusing.
  11. Get a regular dosage of hilarity by being silly.
  12. Dance to upbeat music.  When you get in the groove, have fun and laugh!

Laughter keeps you emotionally healthy and is a fierce antidote to stress. The benefits of a hoot, chuckle, roar and hearty laugh are worth the effort.  In my next blog I give more details on the health benefits of laughing.

To your joy and happiness,


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Written by Linda B James

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