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25 Life Lessons To Master Now!

Jul 5, 2014 11:02:00 PM / by Linda B James


“Your odyssey in life is uniquely yours,
comparing your path to others
devalues your journey.”-- LBJ

In my late teens, I kept a journal for many years.  I titled it “me."  The journal was a collection of my observations about people and life.  Over the years I would thumb through the pages to reflect upon my insights.

Whenever I perused my “me” journal five, ten or twenty years later, there was one common denominator that remained consistent.  Human nature.  It does not change.

Let me explain, many people share the same personality traits such as beliefs, feelings and actions. Their personal journeys, circumstances, cultures and social economic conditions may vary but these characteristics remain the same.

Knowing this truth, I decided to learn more about Biometrics.  It was interesting to find about the science of measuring the physical and biological traits of each individual.  Your voice, face, retinas, fingerprints, signature, hand geometry and of course your DNA make you extraordinary.  These distinguishable traits make each of us one of a kind.  The irony is that though we are unique physiologically and biologically, we have the same personality traits.

Here's a few insights from my "me" journal that I have learned over the years.

25 Lessons That Apply To All Of Us Regardless Of Our Differences

  1. KNOCKING on the door of life is not enough. Be ready to kick it down.
  2. Comparing yourself to others is a HUGE DISTRACTION.  Focus on your journey, purpose, and inner calling.  Chase your own dreams not someone else’s.
  3. People who are successful have "T.O.L."  T stands for TALENT/skills/something to offer, O stands for an OPPORTUNITY that presents itself and L stands for a LUCKY break.
  4. Be yourself and be comfortable in “your own skin.” Embrace your uniqueness.  There is no one else like you.  Believe you are the best and you will be the Best you can be.
  5. People pleasers erode THEIR self-confidence. They never realize their greatest potential.
  6. Don't let your burdens weigh you down.  Heavy hearts are unhealthy hearts.
  7. DON’T waste your time envying others.  Do your own thing!
  8. WHAT people think of you is none of your business.  WHAT you think of yourself is your ONLY business.
  9. STOP hurting yourself by being in a state of anguish.  LIVE YOUR LIFE!
  10. Standing TALL and proud can adjust your mood.  Stand erect in your lowest moments.
  11. TRUST is earned.  Think before you give it away.
  12. The MOST successful, intelligent, beautiful, well travelled etc,... person is still flawed.
  13. SMILE!  Even broken AND half smiles are beautiful.
  14. Expect the BEST but plan for the worst.
  15. Pamper your MIND and SPIRIT as well as your body.
  16. Smalll achievements deserve as much recognition as BIG achievements.
  17. Numerous disappointments don’t determine your DESTINY.  KEEP MOVING!
  18. Hypocrites see hypocrisy only in OTHERS not in themselves.
  19. The lack of SELF-RESPECT leads to bad decisions.
  20. TRYING to relive what you once had is an exercise in frustration.  You can’t relive the past.  LIFE does not wait for your return.
  21. Everyone does not have easy access to the door that leads to success.  Success is still attainable.  You have to work harder to open the door.  You can do it.  DON'T GIVE UP!
  22. We had been BRAINWASHED to some degree.
  23. Your thoughts set the stage for your REALITY.
  24. Rules are ONLY for individuals who are not well-connected.
  25. Every time you stumble it's another opportunity to rewrite your FUTURE.

This is small glimpse of the way I see the world.  My life is stil is evolving and revealing teachable lessons.  Let’s connect.  Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


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