3 Ways Thoughts Change Your Life

Posted by Linda B James on Mar 21, 2015 6:54:13 PM



It's great to start your day on the edge of your seat, waiting for joyful experiences to fall out of the sky.  For most of us, this doesn't happen... and you may be wondering, how do I inspire myself to greater joy, fulfillment and the life I want??  To change your life, keep reading...

Using a combination of mental toughness, persistence and inspirational thoughts you too can create joyful experiences.  These can provide you with the energy to make any day a masterpiece!  


  1. Create a daily list of personalized inspirational messages.  Go to this link in my website to help you get started  
  2. Fill your day with examples of people who've overcome challenges.  Join the LBJ Club and listen to interviews of inspiring personalities.
  3. Break negative mental patterns with motivational music!  Click this link for more information.

To learn more, also read the links in this blog.  Try these strategies and make this day the start of your new journey!


To your success,


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