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31 Days To Create Your Masterpiece

Nov 14, 2014 7:41:00 PM / by Linda B James


"To make a change,
move out the old mindset

and move in the new"
-- Linda B James (LBJ)


I started blogging on January 2014.  My first blog was short and to the point.  It was titled “How To Create Your Masterpiece In 2014."  You may be wondering, when it comes to life, what is a "Masterpiece"? 

"Masterpiece"... Defined

A "masterpiece" is defined as "a person's greatest piece of work, as in an art."  In art, the creation is under the artist's complete control; in life, the ability to have an amazing life is under your control.  Let me explain.  You can't predict life's events but you can create the mindset to shape future events.  It's up to you to make your life your "greatest piece of work."  

The time has come to start reflecting on your accomplishments for this year.  Take a step back and gaze at your creation thus far...

  • Did you complete an important goal in your life? -  Congratulations!  
  • Are you still putting on the finishing touches?  - That's outstanding, keep going!
  • Is your life still a work in progress? - Hang in there!
  • Are you midway through the project?  -  Don’t give up!
  • Did you put your dreams aside and abandon your creation? - There's hope, try again!
  • If you never got started and would like to learn how to live an amazing life -  keep reading!

The Biggest Obstacle To Creating Your Masterpiece -- You!

Les Brown, the world-renown motivational speaker says, “Life has no limitations except the ones you make.  Make sure that you are not creating your own obstructions.  It is very important not to get discouraged.  After all, you are building a work of art and having the right skills will make a difference. 

31 Days to a Masterpiece

Tis, the season for gift giving, thanks and celebration.  The end-of-year holidays are fast approaching.  So, before you get lost in the festivities, give yourself a gift.  In the event you are unable to review this list during the holidays, do it at your convenience.  

The 31 Days To A Masterpiece list will prepare you to achieve a masterpiece life in 2015.  Review one statement each day.  Read the list below to find the best ways to create your new life:

  1. Give yourself enough time to create the life you strongly desire
  2. Continually imagine your new life (see it in your mind!)
  3. Develop a detailed but flexible plan
  4. Create alternate routes to reaching your dream... create your plan A, but be prepared to live in plan B, C, D ...
  5. Find resources 
  6. Gain knowledge.  Read books and other materials of interest.
  7. Keep a strong support system
  8. Be resilient.  
  9. Don’t wallow in self-pity
  10. Be Disciplined - keep promises you make to yourself
  11. Don’t Procrastinate - do it now!
  12. Stay motivated 
  13. Pace yourself 
  14. Celebrate your small victories
  15. Avoid carrying emotional baggage.  
  16. Never, never give up - where there's a will, there's a way...
  17. Be a creative and experimental thinker
  18. Be confident in your abilities
  19. Eliminate negative thinking, speaking and excuses 
  20. Keep the stamina and patience
  21. Get proper food, rest, sleep and exercise
  22. Stop if you're moving in the wrong direction
  23. Look for opportunities in every adversity
  24. Take calculated risks
  25. Don't emotionalize disappointments.  
  26. Evaluate your mental and physical health
  27. Make sure your "drive" is as big as your "dream." 
  28. Enjoy the journey
  29. Live with passion!
  30. Take a break - Enjoy moments of rest and relaxation.
  31. "See" your goals! - Make your "vision board" visible. 

Please stick to these plans.  You will be amazed by the results!  

Word of Caution:  Failure to follow this list may result in not building a masterpiece.  This statement may seem uncomfortable, but following these steps are critical for growth.  

Like every artist, you will need the right skills and practice to achieve greatness.  That means you must keep this list accessible until you reach your dreams. Remember, you create a new life once you believe you can change your reality with thoughts, actions and beliefs.

Bottom line, no one really knows who will succeed and who will fail.  That’s part of life's mystery.  You can get closer to creating the life you desire by having the knowledge and skills to shape your future. 

As you continue your journey to success in 2015 and challenges arise, reread the list, identify the problems, correct them, recharge and move forward.  

Write me if you have any questions....  I also welcome your comments and would love learn of your progress.

To your success in 2015 and beyond,



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