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7 Ways to Make CHANGE Your Best Friend

April 20, 2018    |     Linda B James


“Change is the ultimate champion.
You will never win fighting change. 
Working with change is the only way to win." -- LBJ.

I've had to accept change in my life more times than I care to remember. My life was relatively predictable growing up and also as a young adult. When I got married is when change became the norm!

There were two factors that led to my rapid adjustment:

My husband’s change of job assignments .We have moved 10 times in 20 years since I've been married; three times move than the average North American.  Exhausting! What else can I say?

The advancement of technology Once I have achieved mastery in one area of technology that area became obsolete or antiquated. There's always something new to wade through.

Each time change has knocked on my door, I did not want to let it in. I had already made my plans. "Thank you, but no thank you!" I said. I assumed change had me confused with someone else as far as I was concerned, my systems were place; I was all set and had my life planned out.

Nevertheless, change still walked right in and created havoc in my life! I could not make any sense as to why things were unfolding without my consent. It did not take me long to realize that crying, screaming and fighting change were an exercise in frustration. Once change barged into my life, I had no choice in the matter!

Here's what I learned about change: 

  • Change is an unstoppable force!   Whether it's welcomed or unwelcomed it will affect your life.

  • Change doesn't care about your timing -  Sometimes it comes at the most inopportune times and sometimes it is right on time. It often arrives unannounced; at times it is abrupt and interrupts.  At times it is a blessing in disguise.

  • Change is domineering and fierce - it will take you out of you comfort zone and force you to reexamine your life.

Dealing with change - the seven ways to make change your best friend

In all the times I've fought change, it always won and will always win, hands down.  Resistance is futile! Here are some savvy steps to help you embrace change: 

  1. Be comfortable knowing you're not in control of change - 
  2. Be on the lookout for opportunities –  
  3. Skip the “Why Me” Speech 
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others- 
  5. Avoid "Haters Paradise" -
  6. Realize that change was comin all along
  7. Keep an optimistic outlook about change 

Prepare, grow and benefit from this change. Remember to look for hidden opportunities.  I conquered change and so can you... Stay Positive!

 Learn More  How I Conquered Change


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