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Be Hopeful!

Mar 14, 2015 3:19:10 PM / by Linda B James


Be Hopeful!

The spirit of hope is emotional medicine.  It pops into your thoughts in the early morning and in the dead of night. Words of hope are uplifting in the worst of times and exciting in the best of times. When facing trying times,  they are your only defense against what ails you.  How do you harness hope's power to transform?

Hope is a potent drug that will ward off such feelings as: fear, discouragement, uncertainty, frustration and a broken heart.  Even a little bit calms that nagging discouraging voice that repeatedly haunts you into believing that nothing will work out in your favor.  It changes the direction of your thoughts.  It gives you a healthy dosage of bravery, assurance, optimism and a new perspective.  

Here are some words of advice on this powerful word:

If you drop it, pick it up.

If it's barely hanging on, hold on tightly.

If you've buried it, dig it up.

If you have a little bit, make it bigger.

If someone has taken it from you, take it back.

If you have it in abundance, share it

Hope is a timeless and endless intense shining light. It is a spirit that will be with you forever.  Be hopeful!

Wishing you much success!

Linda B

Linda B. James

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