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Breakthrough! - making it work for you

Feb 13, 2016 12:47:08 AM / by Linda B James


“Change your thinking; change your life.” —Linda B. James

What does the word "breakthrough" mean to you? How can you achieve it? Read on... the following will help you.

The word breakthrough is a powerful and impactful word. It's defined as "any significant or sudden advance, development or achievement that removes a barrier to progress." When you think of this word get excited because life for you is about to change for the better. It's knowing that some type of quantum leap or progress is around the corner for you.

Let me give you a personal story...The other night I was thinking that a huge breakthrough in my professional career was imminent.  Later that day, a timely coincidence occurred. I was in the supermarket and walked down the wrong aisle. My peripheral vision took a snapshot of a magazine cover that had the word on it. How interesting I thought, I walked a few steps backwards to take another glimpse and there it was --BREAKTHROUGH --  right on the cover!

As I drove home, I kept thinking this was a case of synchronicity, or things happening just at the right moment.

Later that night, I thought about it some more and decided to write a NEW definition of this powerful word.

B - Believe and break out of your comfort zone!
R- Resiliency is a requirement
E- Emotional endurance enables you to excel
A- Action plans are set in motion
K - Keep moving forward no matter what!
T- Tenacity will get you through and sustain you through the rough spots
H - Hopefulness is helpful... you’re going to succeed! 
R- Risk taking is absolutely an option
O- Outliers take aggressive action 
U- "Unstoppable" is your motto
G - Go getters get ahead
H - High spirits will make you soar!

These are  are within your reach but you have no way of knowing until you take a steps forward!

Whether you’re broken, bruised or bummed out - bounce back because a breakthrough is waiting for you.

To your success,


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