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Your Emotional Armor-Part 2

May 16, 2015 12:33:00 AM / by Linda B James


In part I of this blog I reviewed how verbal attacks, insults, disrespect, rotten experiences and other events can wreck you life and the tips to neutralize them.  In this blog, I will reveal 10 secrets to overcome adversity brought upon by your own reaction to these events.


Simple Treasures® Part 1

Here are 10 quick tips to help you avoid the blizzard of negative emotions in the aftermath of any attack:

  1. Go "to the balcony" - Embrace an objective viewpoint.  Seeing yourself from a distant vantage point helps.  
  2. Emotions are blinding, reframe -take a deep breath and "change the frame"  Ask yourself, "what do I want out of this situation?"
  3. Learn - ask yourself "what can I learn to do or not to do in the future?" Mistakes are O.K. but repeating them is not...
  4. Get unstuck!  - Don't get stuck in a negative state - this is an unhealthy and vulnerable position.  In the words of Les Brown, "If you fall, fall on your back.  If you can look up, you can get up!", so Look Up!
  5. Keep you eyes wide open -  Maybe you can improve the situation and spot new opportunities.
  6. Keep it short! - Emotions are contagious but also temporary - the sooner you let go of the negative the better
  7. Keep it real! - Don't exaggerate the incident- you will start to embellish the events
  8. Keep your mouth shut! - Stop complaining - it only hurts you and besides, it makes you look silly.
  9. Don't dwell on the trivial or petty - focus on more important things.  Ask yourself, what's most important to me right now?
  10. Toughen up! - Commit to be emotionally "hard as nails"... if you have weak moments that's normal but don't give up!

After negativity visits you, use these tips to overcome this annoyance.  Keep cool and calm knowing that this too shall pass.  Now, you are stronger and more savvy. 

Bruises and bumps on your emotional armor are a part of life... Proudly wear these "badges of honor" and improve! 

Wishing you much success!


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