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Easy Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Jul 20, 2014 4:39:00 AM / by Linda B James

What do you dislike about yourself?  
What do you wish you could change?  
Have you been in the past or a recent target of criticism?

If any of these questions "hit a nerve" then it is time for a "self-esteem makeover."

Often we get down on ourselves because we don't fit into someone's definition of ____ ( fill in the blanks).  If you have been bullied, rejected, overlooked for a job promotion, fired, unfairly punished or ridiculed you may be due for a much needed "self-esteem lift."

Sometimes you don't realize the impact of an emotional trauma until many years later.  You might even know someone who is engaging in destructive behavior as a result of a bruised ego.  That broken record of "you are not good enough" is merciless.  What can you do?

Neutralize The Three Self-Worth Killers

There are three culprits that can drive your sense of self worth into the gutter.  They are:

  • your inner critic  
  • other's opinions or perceptions
  • societal expectations
These culprits find a home in your self image, get comfortable and refuse to leave.  Eventually, you become so used to self-effacing and overly critical thinking that self sabotage becomes a way of life. 

It is time to transform your thinking!  Let's begin!

11 Ways to Transform Your Thinking

  1. Stroke Your Ego - make a list of your talents and/or skills.
  2. "I nailed it"- list all of your accomplishments.  Think back as far as you can remember.  Relive those moments of triumph . Your should starting to feel better about yourself at this point!
  3. Pat On The Back - make a list of all the compliments you have ever received.  Don't forget the compliments that made you "blush."
  4. Make a vow - you are adequate, you have what it takes to belong to any club or position you chose to belong.  Promise  yourself that you will never say that you are "not good enough." No matter how hard you fall or what happens in your life honor this promise to yourself.
  5. "Crack the crystal ball" - stop making negative predictions.  You don't know what tomorrow will bring. Don't anticipate the worst outcomes.  Remember "what you think so so may not be so."
  6. "Don't give a damn attitude"- Who cares what people think or say.  They have not walked in your shoe so how can they judge your actions.  Don't internalize negative comments.  People with high esteem have this attitude.  They protect their self esteem with this type of arrogant thinking. 
  7. Serendipity is your best friend - Keep a journal of times when serendipity paid you a visit.  Write down moments when things were strange or difficult, but the outcome was better than you expected.  Control your self-esteem and not the other way around... Hopefully, by now you are feeling better about yourself!
  8. 21-day affirmation - Write 10 amazing things about yourself every day for 21 days.  Keep this information visible.  Post it on the wall, type it in your phone or keep it on your computer. 
  9. Your "Sunday Best" - What comes first, feeling good or looking good?  Being well dressed can motivate you.  Smelling good will boost your mood.
  10. Get a whiff- These scents will boost your energy thorough out the day: lemon, eucalptus oil,coffee, jasmine. orange, cinnamon, peppermint.  By now, you should be stoked!
  11. Get moving - exercise can  help decrease the levels of what is often thought as the "stress hormone" (cortisol).  Exercise also can help increase the neurotransmitters often associated with self-confidence (dopamine) and happiness (serotonin). Stay healthy!

Keep in mind these 11 steps.  Work on them daily.  Read other posts in my blog for more information.  Take charge of your future.

To Your Success,


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