Feeling Good About Forgiving

Posted by Linda B James on Mar 31, 2016 5:00:00 AM


"People will not forget evil actions.
They will forgive evil actions and over time, the feeling about the actions will fade.”

-- Linda B James

Why should you feel good about forgiving?

Forgiveness is subjective and it takes a long journey.

Here is my definition of forgiveness—making a conscious decision not to dwell on the matter, not to allow the pain of the event to destroy your spirit of happiness, not to permit the pain to rid you of the joys of life, and not to harbor feelings of resentment. However, this does not mean the act is forgotten, minimized, justified, or condoned in any way.

Again, this begs the question, why should you feel good about forgiving?

Can’t think of a reason yet?

Forgiveness is a difficult emotion to develop. You can go back and forth, saying and asking yourself endless questions like “Should I or should I not forgive?” “Why should I forgive?” or “I can’t find any reasons to forgive.” Taken into consideration, this mental "tennis match" only wears you down and stifle your ability to move on with your life!

It may sound crazy. But you have to let it go...

You can’t put the "genie" back in the bottle.

You cannot undo what has been done.

"No way", you say.

Yes, you can,! 

Here’s why...

When you are furious, you don't feel good physically, emotionally or mentally.... you can feel good about forgiving.

Why? Because your emotional well-being is at stake. You need to be cool headed so you can remain rational. Your peace of mind is the only thing that matters. You need to move forward with your life.

Do yourself a favor. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness. Practice self-love.

Start to heal... today!

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