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Five Tools That Transform Your Mindset

Jan 24, 2017 5:00:00 AM / by Linda B James


I use the above quote at the end of each of my broadcasts of the Linda B. James Show.

Why? Because without the right mindset, change is extremely difficult and it is less probable you will transform your mindset.  

What is the right "mindset" and how do you get it?

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  1. Self-awareness: The world is changing so fast. Multicultural and global awareness is essential. Keep abreast of social issues.
  2. Self-deceit: Be honest with yourself and others. Defeat your personal demons.
  3. Self-advancement: Remember your successes while you reach for the stars. Maintain a winning attitude. Find the silver lining.
  4. Self-acceptance: Love yourself and honor yourself - even if you believe no one cares about you.
  5. Self-promotion: Share your good news. Toot your horn if it makes a difference.

(By the way, although these things are all about you, also think of the needs of loved ones.)

Your job to make any change happen: focus your mind on these and other tools.

To your success,


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