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Let Your Shame Shine

May 20, 2016 7:58:00 PM / by Linda B James

Embarrassment is one of the many feelings in the negative emotions family, like stress, unhappiness, sorrow, chaos, and depression, which will come and go. Sometimes it comes but it won’t go away. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that it stays with you and leaves an indelible mark on your life.

Unchecked and unresolved shame can lead to other debilitating emotions, low self-esteem, destructive behaviors, and even death.

Here are my seven anti-embarrassment tips to help you hold your head up high:

  1. Don’t show your hand. There is no rule that you must wear the embarrassment scar on your face. As quickly as it comes, let it go. Forget about it and don’t think about it anymore. Holding on to this emotion will bring up the other family member called unhappiness. Hold your head up high.
  2. Don’t hide the truth. Some people are literally dying of embarrassment because they are afraid to tell their doctor about a medical problem. Now you will bring depression into the picture. Men are more hesitant to broach medical concerns than women.
  3. Don’t tell. If others don’t know you’re humiliated, you are under no obligation to share your personal moments. Hold your head up high.
  4. Don’t let them get to you. If your shame is public, realize that no one is exempt from that experience. Don’t make your life more stressful. Stress loves to accompany shame. To the people that are laughing—their time will come.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up. Feeling bad serves no purpose. In fact it prolongs the moment. You are locked in the moment. You create a more chaotic situation. The memories become more vivid and want to stick around.
  6. Don’t live in the past. Put the thought behind. You are focused on positive things in your life. Don’t leave the door open for sorrow to creep in.
  7. Don’t let this episode define you. Take chances again. Fear follows embarrassment. You will be humiliated again, but so what?

Stop this emotion from hindering your life. You will get over it and shine! Just because you ran into one ugly member of this negative emotion clan doesn’t mean you have the let the other members pull their way in.

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Linda B James

Written by Linda B James

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