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LOL! 10 Benefits Of A Healthy Laugh

Aug 14, 2014 12:47:00 AM / by Linda B James


In my last blog, I introduced the 12 ways to enjoy a good laugh. This time around, I'll explore how laughter is natural medicine. Getting a chuckle out of life promotes wellness and reduces stress. We can thank Norman Cousins for shining the light on the healing power of humor.  In his book Anatomy Of An Illness, Cousins writes about his debilitating disease.  He explains how laughing and watching comedies helped him beat the odds.  How can this help you?

Can Laughing Be Healthy For You?

Decades after Cousins' theories on laughter, studies revealed that exercising your "funny bone" does have therapeutic value.  Researchers have found that laughter can change body chemistry.  The medical community has also acknowledged the relationship between humor and healing.  For example, many cancer centers today use humor as part of a recovery treatment program.

Ten Ways Laughing Helps You

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Alleviates physical and emotional pain
  3. Boosts the immune system
  4. Enhances quality of sleep
  5. Promotes the release of endorphins
  6. Stabilizes blood pressure
  7. Stimulates the heart
  8. Triggers oxygen intake
  9. Relaxes muscles
  10. Improves vitality

It's no joke...  Humor has some serious health benefits.  Keep a journal and write yourself a laughter prescription full of your favorite crack up moments, funny stories, hilarious movies, hysterical comedians, joke books and friends with a great sense of humor.  Just a little bit of laughter can make you feel good for hours.

Remember to use good judgment when laughing.  If it's inappropriate to giggle at a certain time, don't.  Make a mental note of the moment and have a blast of laughter later.  Sometimes you just have to hold it and exercise restraint for a short time.  A delayed guffaw is better than no laugh at all!

LOL! to your health,


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