Making Resiliency Your Key Strength

Posted by Linda B James on Jan 6, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Trees are a great example of resiliency.  It's a well known fact that the more a tree is windswept, the deeper its roots.  How resilient are you?


Why is resiliency so important in your life? Below are ten things to keep in mind, from an excerpt of my latest book "Hustle While You Wait":

Ten Things to Remember About Resiliency:

  1. Resiliency is the ability to adapt to change.
  2. Resiliency bends but doesn’t break.
  3. Resiliency may look weak but never weakens.
  4. Resiliency builds strength in the midst of strong winds.
  5. Resiliency recovers from the vicissitudes of life and learns to live again.
  6. Resiliency is not uprooted by chaos, conflict or crisis.
  7. Resiliency accepts, adapts and alters the direction of life.
  8. Resiliency has scars and strips.
  9. Resiliency is renewed in the face of adversity.
  10. Resiliency continues the uphill climb when life's going downhill

Being able to bounce back from setbacks can make the difference between a life of triumph and lessons and a life of frustration and despair. Take the time to think about how you can build this important strength of character

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