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Murphy's Law

Mar 6, 2016 4:43:12 AM / by Linda B James

"Murphy's Law teaches us to take life less seriously.”

-- Linda B James

Here’s an expanded breakdown of the law:

If everything is going well, Murphy might decide to visit at an inopportune time.

If anything can go wrong, Murphy will assure that it will.

If everyone is on the same page, Murphy will make sure someone is on the wrong page.

If you have anticipated every outcome that might go wrong, Murphy will show up with a string of the unimaginable problems that never crossed your mind.

There's debate as to the origins of the title “Murphy’s Law.”  Below is one of them:

Edward Murphy was a Major in the US Air Force in the 1940s. He specialized in designing and testing life-critical systems. He tested experimental designs. And yes, in Major Murphy's world something always went wrong!

Regardless of its origin, Murphy's law is real.... will you be ready when Murphy shows up in your life?

Below are 5 ways you can prepare for "Murphy’s coming."

  1. Be neutral, not negative. If your expectations did not pan out, get control of your emotions and remain steady and focus on solutions. You can’t control the world around you; you can only control your world. Shifting the gear to negative will make you feel worse and lose control of the situations.
  2. Take your thoughts to another place. Don’t try to brainstorm if you can't get a handle on your emotions. Postpone decision-making. Heightened emotions can cloud your judgment and make you more irrational.
  3. Call a lifeline. Contact a trusted friend to help you work out the situation.
  4. Don't predict ... prepare. Plan for the unthinkable. You can’t think of every situation, but do the best you can. Complexes are commonplace.
  5. Retrieve lessons from the past. Think of other ways you have dealt with a similar situation previously.

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