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How To Survive In The Wilderness Of Life

Apr 10, 2015 8:53:00 PM / by Linda B James



So you think you have problems....  

Ask 100 strangers to write their troubles on a sheet a paper and then share yours.   After reading all of the problems others have, you might want to take yours back!  

Compared to them, maybe you've got it good...

Read the paper, listen to local, national or world news and you get an insight into other's realities and pain. 

  • Sometimes you may think you are all alone and no one can relate to your problems...  
  • Sometimes you think your problems are overwhelming  

That's is not always the case. You just get caught up in your plight and may not see or think that others are having similar difficulties...

I can deeply appreciate your frustration if you are having troubles.  I'm not trying to minimize the seriousness of your situation.  I am simply explaining that you're not alone...

If you feel alone in the wilderness find a travel partner; preferably someone who's been there before... To survive in the "wilderness of life" you need support, resources, guidance and mental toughness to help you during trying times.

Wishing you much success and happiness!


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