What makes the men and women in uniform so special? - PART 1

Posted by Linda B James on May 26, 2017 5:00:00 AM


Let's explore the character and beliefs of the men and women who have chosen to serve as their career path, including those who over the years have made the ultimate sacrifice. Below is an expert from my latest book Hustle While You Wait, where I explore what these brave individuals have in  common...

The one common thread among the military is self-discipline, one of the "selfs" important for your growth. How can you attain this trait? It i important to study the process by which these individuals are built into self-disciplined servant leaders

For instance, the process by which self-discipline is built in the military is grueling at best. A commonly held practice to build this trait is to “... break you down in order to build you up...”

Many believe this practice creates a human “fighting machine.” The military needs soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and coastguardsmen who can persevere in the face of danger, in all terrains and situations. Servicemen and servicewomen may have to endure physical and mental challenges and their breaking points may be tested. They may realize that their ability to withstand overwhelming pressure exceeds their expectations.

Granted, not all basic training and orientation is the same and for all the branches and aspects of the military. That being said, it does not change the fact that only the “tough make it through.” Many young women and men only experience the true meaning of discipline when they get accepted to a military academy or volunteer to serve our country.

We are thankful for their valor and their commitment to self-discipline. You are fortunate for the freedom and the opportunity to emulate them.

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