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20 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Jul 13, 2014 3:01:00 PM / by Linda B James

blog_image_cheatIn the previous blog, I reviewed the reasons why men cheat.  Since I am an "equal opportunity blogger", I would be remissed if I did not write about women cheating.  There are a variety of emotional, psychological and physical reasons why the so called "weaker sex" deceives and strays from their mate.  I have listed a handful of reasons for the inquiring mind.

Top 20 reasons why women cheat:

1. Revenge

2. Sexless relationship

3. Looking for love outside her relationship

4. She thinks she is too good for her partner

5. The new lover is better than her long-term lover

6. Emotionally vulnerable

7. She's a "Gold Digger"

8. Serial Cheater

9. Her relationship is boring

10. Social Media has made it easy

11. Too close to her male friends

12. Vacationing with girlfriends

13. Long distance relationship

14. Craves attention

15. Tempted by the "forbidden fruit"

16. A distraction from a painful reality

17. Attracted to "bad boys"

18. Gossip about her partner

19. Fallen out of love with her partner

20. Divorce/separation is not an option

We hear different high statistics on the percentage of married and committed lovers who cheat.  Some researchers believe the stats are embellished.  In fact, many experts believe that committed lovers stray less often than we are led to believe.  We may never know the true stats on cheating, but why should you care? Bottom line, cheating is wrong no matter how people justify their infidelity.  Deception creates a tremendous amount of hurt and irreversible emotional damage.  My advice: work it out or get out. 

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