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12 "Whys" That Transform Your Life

Aug 23, 2014 10:36:00 PM / by Linda B James

Seize the day!

"When things are not going your way,
remember your WHYS." -- LBJ

When you're frustrated and have reached your boiling point, remember your "WHYS."  (see also my blogs on solving problems.)  When you are tired to the bone and want to surrender to adversity, recite your "WHYS."  When "Murphy's law" is playing defense and blocking your every step, rely on your laundry list of "WHYS."   You ask, why do I need "WHYS"?  Great question!

Why Are "WHYS" So Important?

Tony Robbins is famous for saying, "reasons come first; answers come second."  This statement is relevant because pursuing a dream can bring a multitude of detours.  When the "going gets rough", there is tendency to focus on the puzzling twists and turns of distractions.  This is a critical juncture because dreams are often lost at this stage.  Remembering, reciting and relying on the reasons for pursuing these dreams is the assurance needed to stay on track.

On another note, "WHYS" derive from a combination of negative and positive experiences.  To avoid getting sucked into the vortex of negativity, remember that negative emotions, thoughts and words can also be strong motivators to success.  In fact, all destructive emotions can be channeled into positive thoughts.  If you are discouraged, don't despair; get motivated in the right direction.  

There is no shame in having negative thoughts; just do not act upon them!  Remember the biblical saying "what defiles a man is what comes out of his mouth."  Why is this critical?  Because our dreams die when our negative thoughts become reality in words or deed.  Turn a negative into a positive!

Believe you can transform pessimistic words into positive actions, and you will...  

Surprisingly, the root cause of many "WHYS" can be traced back to the "Seven Deadly Sins."  You may recognize these ungodly feelings in the next paragraph. 

Here Are 12 WHYS To Motivate You:

  1. Hate -  You loathe your life and desperately want to do better.  Stop hating and start taking action to change your life.
  2. Greed -  You want more money and material things.  Study the habits of wealthy people.
  3. Envy -You covet your neighbor.  List your goals and pursue them.    
  4. Competition - You have a competitive nature and want to outdo others. Hone your skills.
  5. Anger - Life has treated your unfairly.  Use your anger to drive you towards your dreams.  
  6. Ambition - You have dreams and goals.  Create your vision board.  Become the happy taskmaster.
  7. Pride - You need to prove something to yourself and others.  Find your passion.
  8. Shame of the past - You are determined to do better than your parents and relatives.  Think outside of the box.  Mistakes are motivators.
  9. Control - You crave power and status.  Find leadership opportunities.
  10. Notoriety -  You want admiration and attention.  Become a public figure.
  11. Philanthropy  - You have a deep desire to help others.  Pursue a selfless career and/or volunteer.
  12. Sloth - You want to sit around and do nothing.  Find ways to produce passive income. 

Becoming engulfed in negative thinking is a tragedy. Come "hell or high water" be committed to turning your thinking around.

Try this exercise:  Get index cards and build a deck of "why cards."   Whenever you're feeling frustrated, revisit your "whys."  Rewrite them until they are imprinted in your mind.  Add more "whys."  This thought process triggers other reasons to stay the course.  The more WHYS, the stronger and more determined you will be.

To your success,


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