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The World's Best Sleep Aid

Jun 27, 2015 1:45:01 AM / by Linda B James



Many have asked me,

"...Linda how can I get a good night's rest? ..."

"...What in your opinion is the world's most effective sleep aid?..."

After much thought and years of experience in the "battlefield of life", the best answer-- in fact the only answer I could give was the following:

A clear conscience is the world's best sleep aid.    

Why is this  so important?  Being "true blue" has seven advantages...

  1. Sometimes your word is all you have.  You can go forward with confidence.
  2. A good reputation precedes you.  You are known as a person who can be trusted.
  3. Honesty speaks volumes and is a prized asset. Good character is priceless and is becoming increasingly hard to find.
  4. Honesty brings peace of mind.  
  5. Honesty is a habit. It comes naturally to some. If it does not come naturally, it is still a skill that can be learned.
  6. The more you do it, the better you’ll become at it. 
  7. Eventually, it will become second nature.

"But Linda", I hear, "why bother to be forthright? Does anyone really care anymore?" 

YES, I say.... consider people from all walks of life, from boyfriends to girfriends, from business partners to employers, from voters to yes, even politicians :-) prefer the forthright over the sneaky.

Below are other reasons:

If you are a person who doesn’t like to live on the edge, who hates living in the past, who doesn’t like to look behind your back to see who’s gaining on you, and who wants to sleep well, then honesty will work for you. 

Stand by your word!  Think about the restful night’s sleep that you will get. Not to mention, you will avoid many of the "sleep enemies" that plague many...

Think of the anxiety and the worry that you will not experience... the feeling that someone is closing in on you. What a relief it is, knowing that you’re not a treacherous person who is going to get caught "red-handed."

Ok, so no one notices... so what?  Even if other people don’t appreciate your honesty, think about the peace of mind you will have.  Do it for your own self-satisfaction... and a good night's rest...

If it is true that we all have to answer for the life we live on earth, then you'll be in the clear... and you'll rest better!

To your success,


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