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Men Are Simply Complicated !!!

Aug 23, 2014 10:53:02 PM / by Linda B James


Ladies, how would you describe the men in your life?
  • Simple?
  • Complicated?
  • Simply complicated?

The dictionary defines the word simple as - "easy to understand and not complex.'

Many believe that men are simple.  Give them sports, sex, food, a lot of liquor and/or a good cigar and they are happy.  This is a MYTH!  

Contrary to popular belief, men are strangely complex. Women are stumped trying to understand them!

There are many things women don't understand about the male species. The contradictions, lack of communication, insensitivity and so on.... leave women baffled.  Please note these are generalizations and do not apply to all men:

Women Can't Understand Why:

  1. Men don't expect their women to be emotional -  women feel that men are as emotional as women. 
  2. Men wine, dine and conquer a woman just to move on to the next conquest - women believe this practice makes no sense.
  3. Men want to hang out with the boys while women stay at home - women believe this is a double standard.
  4. Men tell you not to dress too provocatively, yet they can't take their eyes off of a woman who is dressed scantily -  women believe this is hypocrisy. 
  5. Men expect women to love them unconditionally - women believe this is asking too much. 
  6. Men do not communicate well - women wonder how can they live this way.
  7. Men tell women what they want to hear just to keep them - women want men to be truthful. 
  8. Men are grumpy but want women to be pleasant - women want men to be understanding when their hormones "kick in."
  9. Men want to sit for hours and do nothing (examples fishing,watching sports, etc) and complain when women take too much time shopping - women feel this is unfair.
  10. Men lack empathy - women want compassion and understanding when they cry.

Men are complex.  There is no "one size fits all" solution to figuring out men.  Study the men in your life.  Get to know their habits. This is a time consuming task that never ends.  Once you think you have men figured out, be prepared for the unexpected.  Look, listen and watch.  Eventually, you will have a good "read" on the men in your life.

To your success in love,


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